Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Metamorphosis essay

The book metamorphosis by Franz Kafka is not just about the transformation of a man into a bug, but also the transformation of his family as well. One day a young guy name Gregor Samsa wakes up to find himself to be a bug. The character that transformed the most besides Gregor is his sister Grete. Throughout the book you can see her character maturing. The metamorphosis that Grete and Gregor undergo contribute to the overall meaning of the work, one change in a person can effect a group.

Gregor Samsa wakes one morning to find out that he is some type of vermin. His only main concern is that he may not be able to work and provide for his family like he usually does. When his family discovers that their loved one is a bug, they begin to freak out and they lock Gregor in his room. The only person who is willing to go into Gregor's room and take care of him is his younger sister Grete. She cleans up after him and brings him his food.

Before Gregor's transformation, Grete was seen as a child. She is only seventeen years old. She lives a pretty nice lifestyle thanks to the income that her older brother brings in. Her whole world is turned around when her brother turns into a bug. She takes on a huge sense of responsibility. Her life goes from consisting of what she felt like doing to looking after her brother, taking on a full time job, and helping her mom cook. Her outlook on life starts to change throughout the book. She feels more like an adult and seems to enjoy her new responsibility at the beginning of the book but by the end she is tired of taking care of a bug. She wants Gregor to stop burdening her family's life.

Kafka shows how the significance of gregor to his family is huge. He is the main provider, even though he does not have to be. His family does not value the role of gregor in their life. They take the money that he gives them for granted. When they discover that Gregor is a bug, they start to panic because they realize they no longer have a steady income. The book shows how much one change in a person can effect a group. Gregor's metamorphosis forced his family to get jobs and take more responsibility. Once gregor could no longer provide for his family, he was thought of as useless.

Gregor's metamorphosis, transformed his whole family. Grete was effected the most by Gregor's change. She changes for the best. She begins to mature and is seen as a adult figure by her parents. The fact that she has to change so much beause of Gregor drives home the meaning of the work. One person transformation can transform everyone who is close to them.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

10 chapter 3 questions

Bianca Proctor
Mr. Hughes
1st hour AP English

1. Gregor’s family was so selfish because they were so used to only thinking about themselves. Also I don’t think that they thought of Gregor as family anymore.
2. Gregor is a more thoughtful and caring person compared to the rest of his family. The rest of his family only thinks about themselves.
3. I do not think they move the furniture in the room to kill him faster. They were actually being thoughtful when they did this. Grete noticed that Gregor liked to crawl around the room, so she thought that if she moves some things out of his room, then he would be happier. More than anything I think it would help him live a longer and happier life.
4. It seems that Gregor’s family does put some type of blame on him for his transformation. They are not very considerate of him. The only reason they even care, is because they no longer have the money that they used to.
5. Gregor is depressed by his family reaction because they are not there for him the way he wants them to be. They don’t want to see him or be around him. They act as if they can’t be in an enclosed room with him. The only true sadness they feel is the fact that they income is gone.
6. Gregor’s family really did not show any sadness at his death. It was more so relief than anything. They did not have this huge burden to worry about. They seemed happy when he died to me.
7. The bug Gregor has no similarities to the human Gregor, as far as his family is concerned. He cannot speak and he really just wonders around like a bug.
8. The Samsa’s don’t feel as if they lost Gregor their family member. They feel like they lost a bug that was burdening their lives. Gregor’s death was an opportunity for the Samsa’s to improve them as far as money goes.
9. Grete called Gregor a monster because she feels that he is nothing but work. He made her mother faint, and her father is always enraged with him.
10. Grete feels as if it is her duty to help out her family. Her parent’s income was not enough. She also was in search of a sense of responsibility.

Monday, September 22, 2008

AP English Prompt #2 9/19/08

One of the main themes in the book 1984 by George Orwell is the struggle to free oneself from the power of others. The main character Winston is the one who shows the struggle. He constantly proves that he wants to be an individual opposed to an conformists. He lives in a society of dictatorship. The government Big brother seeks full control over everyone. Winston struggles to be an individual but eventually he conforms.

Winston is a young man who does not play by the rules. He is not a renegade, yet he stands for something. Everyone in his country including him fears Big Brother. Therefore, most people do follow the rules. Winston seems like the typical guy in Oceana. He goes to work, he keeps to himself, and he do what the telescreen advises him to do. Even though Winston seems like the average guy he is not. He has thoughts in his head of going against the government everday. By doing one small thing at a time, Winston slowly tries to become an individual.

In the year 1984, people didn't write anything. Instead they speak into an instrument that is equivalent to a pen and paper. Not only do people stop writing, but it is illegal to own paper and pen. If the government caught anyone there would be severe consequences. Knowing this, Winston still bought an notepad and an inkpen. He did this so that he could feel that he had some sense of uniformity. He did not do it cause trouble, he did it to feel a little more accomplished as far as individuality goes.

Orwell used Winston struggle as an example to show that there will always be an uniformists in a group of congormists. Also that if it is not enough uniformity, that uniformists would eventually conform or suffer. Simply put if you can't beat them join them. Winston struggled to be an individual and ironically get others to join him. Once he seen there is no way he can undo years of conformity, les, and fear of the government he gave up. By the end of the book, Winston was